•  Wide Base of Experience and Competence
•  Immediate Involvement
•  Expertise Intelligently Applied
•  Project Management
•  Skillful Hand-Off at Project End

•  Legal Advantages
•  Cost
•  Immediate Involvement
–   V Engineering ensures progress NOW.
–   Avoids Recruitment Bottlenecks.
–   Permits more thorough, cautious
    search for permanent staffing.
•  Expertise Intelligently Applied
–  Temporary or occasional gaps in permanent staff
    skillsets filled easily.
–  Offload of generic tasks avoids poor use of key permanent
    staff’s time.
–  Specialized isolated projects can succeed via temporary
–  Mundane but necessary tasks can be thrown “over the wall”
    with confidence.
•  Project Management
–  Competent Service often includes tools for the job:
    computing equipment, communication infrastructure, etc.
–  All project deliverables pre-reviewed for accuracy, quality,
–  Thorough, regular Status Reporting
–  Team management services available
–  Travel requirements typically okay
–  Cost-effective long-term relationships with V Engineering
    open to discussion
•  Skillful Hand-Off at Project End
–  Tapered Support; no “cold turkey”.
–  Perpetual Follow-up Consultation Gratis.
•  Legal Advantages
–  An independent resource insulates a client from
    complications involving detailed familiarity with
    competing technologies.
–  Responsibilities associated with signing new employees
    are neutralized, along with their commensurate risks.
•  Cost
–  No equivalent competence is available at comparable prices,
    including permanent staffing; that is our guarantee.
–  V Engineering is the Resource for the Current Business